My picks: warwick Gow’s picks for the festival

A guide to Horizon festival by Warwick gow

Who better to advise on what to see and do at Horizon Festival than Warwick Gow. Warwick is a photographer and the founder of LANTANA Space. Above all, he makes life fun. And that’s why this guide is so darn helpful.

Dawn awakening

There’s a reason this is one of Horizon’s most coveted and long running events. The beauty of a spring sunrise at Stumers Creek accompanied by performances from Gubbi Gubbi Dance Troupe and Jinibara Dance Troupe — it’s the perfect way to kick off Horizon. Plus, there’s nothing like catching some work then sneaking off for a wave.

Image: ben vos productions

creative bubs with new dreaming art

Nikita is an amazing artist and cultural worker on the coast. With a one year old at home I can sneak into some kids workshops now for a bit of light fun and learn something new from a different perspective.

Image: Nikita Newley


I’ve watched this project develop from afar over the last couple of years and been dying to catch a showing of it. I’m a massive fan of Courtney and Itamar’s work — it’s been great having them around at LANTANA Space. Just glad I’m not cleaning up the sand though.

Image: Itamar Freed

looks like a tourist

Again on a list of works I watched develop from afar. This project by Daniele Constance has been amazing to see tackled to glitzy faux tourism across the Gold Coast. Curious to see how they challenge our must see spots.

Image: Jade Ellis


Partly because I have to be there and partly because I’m such a fan of the works Amanda Bennetts and myself are curating for this project. Definitely just as excited to see how it all comes together as I hope everyone else is.

Image: Courtesy of the artist / Artwork: James Hornsby / Trapped / 2016
to check out Warwick’s work, head here.

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