My picks: frankie magazine’s guide to the festival

A guide to Horizon festival by the editor of frankie magazine, Emma do.

Emma was busy working on the latest issue of frankie when we spoke but kindly gave us her guide to the festival — and its a goodun.

As frankie editor, Emma’s job mainly consists of coming up with ideas and vaguely bossing people around, as well as writing, interviewing, sourcing content and proofing the mag. (Plus lots of other frankie-related bits.) Emma is a big fan of Syd The Kid’s sultry tones, pooch-filled calendars and the refreshing scent of cucumber, but has no time for gusty wind or folks who talk over people.

And with that said: here’s what Emma is hyped for at Horizon this year.

open air: emily wurramara in concert with andrea kirwin

I’m a big fan of Emily Wurramara’s music — her songs are so calming, and she sounds like a literal angel in concert, strumming her guitar. I’m also digging Andrea Kirwin’s soulful voice. Hearing the two of them play would be a lovely way to spend a Thursday evening.

Image: Olive Jarvis

risofest 2022

Trust me when I say I bloody love riso! You know a riso print when you see it: they’re lo-fi, slightly grainy and have faded fluoro colours. In short: they’re perfectly imperfect. The risograph printer was actually made for cheap photocopies, but artists now use it to print all kinds of rad work. If you don’t believe me, just get down to RISOFEST 2022 so you can admire (and buy) all the amazing riso art from local creatives. There’s also a free workshop to learn how this vintage Japanese technology works if you feel like getting nerdy.

Image: The Sunshine Press

steven oliver: bigger & blacker

Just the mere mention of a Steven Oliver show already has me cackling. If you didn’t watch Steven being outrageously sassy (and sexy) on the ABC’s Black Comedy, I command you to do so at once. His latest comedy cabaret promises rapping, singing and some good-ol’ booty shaking. I simply can’t fault this combo.

Image: Dylan Evans

the sinkers

The Sinkers’ ethos is something I can really get on board with: you don’t have to be an Olympian to be a synchronised swimmer. In fact, you don’t have to be very coordinated at all. This show, which features grandparents and youngsters alike, sounds like a gloriously fun (and heart-warming) way to spend 20 minutes.

Image: Tim Birch

clay with robert natoli

We’re all obsessed with handmade pottery (for good reason), but if you want to go beyond collecting ceramic trinkets, I’d highly recommend taking any opportunity you can to play with clay. Pottery is such a therapeutic and satisfying craft, and you’ll certainly learn heaps about the process in this workshop.

Image: The Pottery Studio

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