in conversation with kerbside collective

we caught up with the duo behind Kerbside collective at their recent rehearsals for Eddie Ray — silence of the jams.

If you weren’t aware, Eddie Ray – Silence of the Jams is an epic independent film with an entirely original soundtrack. But, more on that here.

Hey guys, tell us a bit about yourself.

We are Mark and Aimee Gray. We’ve been working together creating theatre, film clips and circus shows for the last 5, or so, years with an emphasis on bringing joy to people and getting people off their devices for five minutes.  

What is Eddie Ray — Silence of the Jams about?

This one man comedy movie is the physical representation of the artist’s struggle through the last two years of silence. In a world where it was literally illegal to dance and play music, Eddie wanders off into the great unknown and ultimately finds that he is not alone. The movie will be performed live with a full band, bringing the whole thing full circle, in a fun, energetic way designed to celebrate the return of live music.  

What brought on the idea and what made you think it was a good fit for homegrown?

We wanted to stay as busy as possible as artists through the pandemic and not let our creative spark die. So, in a way this concept was just a way to keep playing, keep creating, and keep making music — as well as honing our skills as film makers and to really celebrate the beautiful natural world that we are so lucky to call home. The idea of presenting it for homegrown was really exciting for us because this film is all about its stunning locations. The idea to present the Sunny Coast on a big screen, as well as showcasing some of the coast’s finest musicians, felt like a really ambitious and adventurous project to aim for, which captured the homegrown theme.  

What can people expect from the show?

One hour, one man, one camera in a comic post apocalyptic, cowboy, motorcycle, western, funk movie with a live band and lots of fun. This film is like a mixture of Cast Away and Bo Bunrhams’ ‘Inside’ — only ours is outside.   

The theme of Homegrown in 2022 is ‘for the people’ — how does your work foster a sense of connection and belonging within our community?

This movie is like the rainbow after the storm… This project brings us together once again as an audience and as artists. The film shows us that we were all struggling with being isolated, cut-off, and locked in our homes, but ultimately we are all still a vibrant community and we will continue to be so. By bringing a live band into an unorthodox space, and by showing a project that was born out of being locked down, we can demonstrate that not only are we still here, but we are continuing to grow and do things we’ve never done before. This is us coming together and we should celebrate that.  

What are you looking forward to the most about the festival?

We are just so thrilled to be able to be a part of this festival, to see other acts, to get out and meet more of our community, and to see all of the hard work of the festival staff pay off after a couple of years of cancellations — we are really just looking forward to the festival going ahead!

What’s next for you both?

Ultimately, we’re hoping to tour this show and get it out there as much as possible. There’s also another album in the works, a web series, and Kerbside Collective’s other project  Life on the Line is set to make a comeback with a fresh new life. We are just ready to get back on the horse and make as much art as possible.  

Check out more of Kerbside Collective’s work here and their beautiful 60s Series below.

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