Tallo-Billa (sold out)


Tallo-Billa (sold out)

For Horizon Festival 2023, the Beeyali team invites attendees on a dusk ocean journey on board Sunreef’s Whale One, to listen underwater and experience cymatic visualisations of humpback whale songs.

The field trip commences in Mooloolaba, where humpback whales annually migrate and rear their calves before returning to Antarctic waters and concludes with an original immersive experience of the new work, “Tallo-Billa” performed near Old Woman Island with a live stream of migrating humpback-whales, making this a once in a lifetime performance.

Tallo Billa utilises original Beeyali visualising techniques, playing underwater soundscapes through digital images to create distinctive audio-visual portraits with generative visualisations activated by hydrophones. At its core, the Beeyali project aims to continue connecting people and places, cultivating human and non-human relationships that help us comprehend and care for one another, our changing ecosystems, and shape our collective futures.


Tallo-Billa, meaning ‘Humpback Whale’ in Kabi Kabi language, is the focus of the latest iteration of the Beeyali project. Beeyali, a Kabi Kabi term meaning “to call,” explores the sounds and vocalisations of wildlife in the environment. Conceived by Kabi Kabi artist Lyndon Davis, the project has been developed in collaboration with sound artist Dr Leah Barclay and photographer Dr Tricia King at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Beeyali brings together Indigenous knowledge, emerging science, creative practice, and innovative technology to visualise the calls of wildlife on Kabi Kabi Country using cymatics, the science of visualising sound. Beeyali is a call to action, exploring creative practice to raise awareness for the numerous vulnerable species in Queensland.

Creative Team

  • Lyndon Davis (Kabi Kabi)
  • Leah Barclay
  • Tricia King


Beeyali is a research project supported by the University of the Sunshine Coast. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body

This project is supported by Sunshine Coast Council’s Arts & Heritage Levy.
Image credit: courtesy of Leah Barclay

Visual Content Rating
50: This work is a mix of visual and aural elements. There will be dialogue included in aural elements.

This event takes place on board a boat.

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Suitable for all ages.


This event is presented as part of Horizon Festival 2023, the Sunshine Coast’s leading multi-arts festival. Get lost in 10 days of must-see art, music, culture events and more, from the coast to the hinterland.

How to get there

Tallo-Billa (sold out)

Sunreef Mooloolaba (Located in: The Wharf Mooloolaba) 11 &, 12/123 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba / Kabi Kabi Country