Venue information

Is there viewing platform(s) and where are they located?

How many guests/carers can be accommodated beside a wheelchair seat/bay?

Where are the most suitable seating options for Blind/Low Vision patrons?

Where are the most suitable seating options for Deaf/Hard of Hearing patrons?

Describe how to enter the venue?

Describe where I go after I enter?

Travel + parking

• How many accessible car parks are there on site?
• Can parking be purchased/ pre-booked and how? E.g. online, by phone. • Are there other alternative parking facilities close to the venue?
• Are there dedicated accessible drop off and pick up points?
• What accessible public transport is available?
• Where is the nearest taxi rank/drop off area?


  • Are all gender accessible bathrooms available? •
  • Which seats in the venue are closest to the accessible restrooms? •
  • Does the venue have ‘Changing Places’ facilities or is there one near? •

Accessible features

  • Are there accessible pathways?
  • Main entrance – is the entrance a minimum of 850mm wide and step free?
  • Is there a dedicated accessibility staff member I can contact?
  • Does this venue have a sensory room/chill out space?
  • Does this venue provide sensory kits? (e.g. fidget spinners, earplugs)

If you would like to speak to someone directly, contact us at *include hyperlinks* (Horizon Festival)