Support + Resources For Artists

We’ve collated some of the best resources and opportunities to support artists and arts-workers during this time. The sheer amount of information available online at this time can be overwhelming, so we’ve just included the important bits you need to know.



Little Lunch Online
Little Lunch Online is a chance to check in and connect with each other while grabbing a quick bite of lunch, or a morning coffee for folk in the West. It’s a quick 30 minute window to share ideas and resources, and plan our actions in responding to the pandemic, the climate crisis and whatever global emergency awaits us next. Find out more here.

Creative Connections
Creative Connections is an online webinar series for the cultural and arts sectors and will offer practical, accessible and useful content delivered by industry experts on key topics and emerging themes. The series is focused around the theme of adaptation, and sessions will explore digital adaptation, leadership adaptation and arts practice adaptation. Find out more here.

Australian Arts Amidst COVID-19
This community lead Facebook group is a place for Australian artists to ask questions and share ideas about how to work with Covid-19. Built around avoiding fear and panic, and instead sharing information and ways artists and orgs all over the world are innovating and surviving. Find out more here.

First Nations Roundtables
Australia Council’s First Nations’ Roundtables are an ongoing series of updates and discussions about the impact COVID-19 is having on the First Nations independent and small to medium sector, live performance and public gatherings. Find out more here.



APAM’s Round-up of Artist Opportunities
APAM have collated a number of paid creative opportunities currently being offered to artists across many artforms, as a direct response to the loss of work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here.

Writing Grant Proposals
Writing Grant Proposals’ is a 7-week online course hosted by NAVA designed to help artists identify well-suited funding opportunities, research, plan and write stronger grant proposals. Register here.

Anywhere Theatre Festival
Over the ever changing situation that is COVID-19, Anywhere Theatre Festiva continue to work with independent artists on innovative ways to ensure the arts community can continue to commune and share through story telling. They are currently accepting submissions for online works, find out more here.


La Boite Theatre Analysis of Funding
La Boite Theatre has succinctly summarised the new and adjusted measures offered by Arts Queensland, the Australia Council for the Arts to bolster the industry at this time. Read more here.

Creative Arts Alliance Round-up
The Creative Arts Alliance has done a stellar job of pulling together a comprehensive round-up of initiatives, opportunities, information, funding, surveys and more. Check it out here.

Arts Wellbeing Collective
COVID-19 is creating uncertainty across many communities and industries, and the performing arts and live event sectors in particular have been greatly impacted. Arts Wellbeing Collective has some great resources for looking after your mental health during this time. Find out more here.

QMusic Covid-19 Resource Database
QMusic has pulled together another excellent database full of helpful resources, from government support and mental health resources to grants guides and resources for going digital. Find out more here.