Seedpod Pilot 2020


Seedpod Pilot is the first Queensland based residency program from renowned live arts organisation , Punctum. It is presented in collaboration with Horizon Festival, Arts Coast and Creative Spaces. Hitting the coast in 2020, the residency program will create a safe space for artists to test Live Art and contemporary performance ideas, undertake experiments, develop new work and take risks in a collaborative environment. Punctum created their residency to provide artists, producers, and audiences with access to arts professionals, resources, presentation spaces and opportunities for the investigation, development and presentation of live arts. It provides creators with the right conditions to delve into their practice and production within a setting of open critique and honest dialogue with colleagues, technicians, audiences, critics and producers.

Since creating the Seedpod residency program in regional Victoria, Punctum has worked with over 400 artists working in emerging fields of live performance, many of whom have gone on to work nationally and internationally. Seedpod is one of Punctum’s ways of sharing the future. Through Seedpod Pilot – Sunshine Coast, Punctum and Horizon Festival provide assistance in the funding, research and development, profiling and exposure of live arts practitioners’ work.

Applications are invited from artists at all stages of their career seeking to experiment and develop a new work in the field of live arts.

All successful Seedpod Pilot – Sunshine Coast applicants will be expected to give a public presentation of their exploration according to its stage of development.

Each of the successful grants includes:

  • $3,000 for the artist/organisation,
  • $2,375 in-kind professional artistic/administration/marketing/technical/box-office/review writing and documentation,
  • $3,000 in-kind for the use of one of the coasts Creative Spaces for development and presentation

Accommodation is at the expense of the successful applicant. Travel to and from the Sunshine Coast sites is also at the expense of the successful applicant.

Seedpod Pilot – Creative Spaces are professionally equipped for the research, development, and presentation of artistically ambitious works with rehearsal/construction, presentation, green room, and meeting spaces available. We recognize that Live Art processes and presentations may often respond to public spaces and sites beyond the studio spaces and we do our utmost to assist this.


Your submission will be assessed against the following criteria:

Live Art is performance that occurs at the moment of encounter between artists, the art, participants, and audiences. It can be found in a room, street, paddock, a netball court, rural hall, dam, car, call centre, hotel, creek, gallery, library, garden, or on a bed, beach, or back track …

It is equal parts observing, curating, creating, translating and participating. It’s art that’s alive, active and ephemeral. Live Art crosses art form boundaries and asks: ‘who’s it with and why?’

  • The project clearly investigates live arts conventions
  • The project clearly states its relationship with the region – why the artists want or need to locate their research here.


  • Applications open // Monday 14th October 2019​
  • Applications close // Monday 18th November 2019
  • Successful Applicant Announced // Wednesday 4th December
  • Project Commences // Friday 24th January 2020
  • Project Concludes // Saturday 8th February 2020
  • Seedpod Presentation // Sunday 9th February 2020


We strongly advise you to speak with Punctum’s Artistic Director – Jude Anderson about your project before starting your application. You can contact Jude at or to arrange a time for a conversation or feel free to email us with any specific enquiries.

Image: Performance drawing installation artist Kellie O’Dempsey performing at the [In]Place opening, Horizon Festival 2019. Image: ben vos productions.