My picks: Lauren jones’s guide to the festival

A guide to Horizon festival by lauren Jones.

Lauren Jones is an incredible painter. Like seriously good. She’s also just a genuinely rad human. And that’s why this guide is so good.

Enjoy — there’s some great suggestions below.

peter hudson: the mystery of being here

I’m excited to see all of these paintings in person as I have long adored Peter’s work. To me, his works reveal a ‘magic realism’ and I love the collide of supernatural with the natural world.

 Photo: Mick Richards

collage with the butiner

Peta O’Hara’s assemblages are so vibrant and engaging! It’s such a cool opportunity to see the process behind someone’s craft. Collage and wine (what more could you want?).

Clay with robert natoli

I’d really like to get my hands muddy at this evening clay class at The Pottery Studio. There’s something so therapeutic and calming about working with clay and I’d love to learn something new.

Image: The Pottery Studio


A collaboration between a visual artist and a dance artist is bound to be beautiful. I’ve seen Courtney’s performances a couple of times and it was completely mesmerising.  

Image: Itamar Freed


Amanda and Warwick are both very interesting local artists who consistently engage creatives on the coast and do cool projects. I’m interested to see what they’ve curated!

Image: Courtesy of the artist / Artwork: James Hornsby / Trapped / 2016
Be sure to check out Lauren’s work here.

check out the full program here.