'Mimburi Ninyangurra' exhibition

Presented by Mimburi Ninyangurra — BJ Murphy

Mimburi means ‘source’ or ‘continuous flow’ and Ninyangurra means ‘dreaming’, so Mimburi Ninyangurra means ‘Continuous Flow of Dreaming’. 

first nations artist

Jinibara Culture man BJ Murphy presents his first solo exhibition, with a series of sculptural installations and a songman performance in this not to be missed exhibition at Munnimbah-dja Welcome Place in Maleny. 

Through this work Bj Murphy will invite you into his ninyangurra, where  you will be immersed in the lived experiences of a Jinibara man returning to country. Mimburi Ninyangurra will sing out to and continue the sharing of culture in resistance to colonisation following in the footsteps of his ancestor Gaiarbau (Willie McKenzie) and many others whose footsteps have tread this path before him. 

The journey will start with the war cry handed down by Gaiarbau Bj will call out to country and wait for it’s response and the continuous flow of cultural knowledge it offers when we listen.  

After a solo songman performance you will enter the Munnimbah-dja gallery and witness more of the cherished gifts of knowledge handed down to the Jinibara people by Gaiarbau presented through a series of powerful canvas works.  

Every piece in Mimburi Ninyangurra  is made with locally collected ochres, seeds and feathers, relating to and singing up Jinibara Country. 

Date: Sat  23 April – July 2 2022
Time: 9am – 4pm, Thurs – Sat
Location: Munnimbah-dja – Welcome Place 20 Coral st Maleny  (Jinibara Country) 


Join us at Munnimbah-dja  for a ceremonial opening of Mimburi Ninyangurra as the sun sets over Jinibara country.
Bush tucker and refreshments provided. 

Date: Sat 23rd April
Time: 5.30- 8:30pm
Location: Munnimbah-dja – Welcome Place 20 Coral st Maleny


Date: Sat 23 April – July 2 2022
Time: 9am – 4pm, Thurs – Sat
Location: Munnimbah-dja – Welcome Place  (Jinibara Country)


Come along and hear Jinibara Artist Bj Murphy yarn about Mimburi Ninyangurra the stories that live within the artworks and Country.

Dates: Sat 7 May and Sat 25 June
Time: 10:30 – 11:30am
Location: Munnimbah-dja – Welcome Place 20 Coral St, Maleny (Jinibara Country)
Register: letsyarn@munnimbahdja.com


Lead Artist: BJ Murphy
Consultant sculptural construction: Rick Roser
Curatorial and artistic support: Libby Harward
Special guests: Jinibara Elders 

first nations man blowing fire

‘Mimburi Ninyangurra’ is a Horizon Homegrown Project supported by RADF — a partnership between QLD Government and Sunshine Coast Council.