Guided by a four-part series of poetic instructions, LUNG WATER is an unaccompanied immersive audio journey by Ruby Donohoe.

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About this event

Following last year’s festival cancelation, Ruby Donohoe’s LUNG WATER had to be postponed — until now. 

Whilst we are unable to present the full-length dance-theatre work at this time, we are thrilled to present this new intimate, immersive audio journey version of the work. 

Guided by a four-part series of poetic instructions, LUNG WATER is an unaccompanied immersive audio journey presented by Ruby Donohoe and supported by Horizon Festival’s Homegrown Program, RADF and the Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation.

lady on stool

In an embodied ode to temporary forms, this intimate and tender experience begins as an internal journey in the solitude of your own home and culminates in a collective gathering where we will wade out into the surrounding waters of Chambers Island (Kabi Kabi Country, Maroochydore).

This participatory audio journey ponders the nature of holding and being held, how we are shaped by our surroundings, and the complexities of living and letting go.

LUNG WATER is a surrender to the absurd and tender companionship of our own reflection in the world we perceive and our desire to both be one with our environment and extricate ourselves from it. A torrential prayer to the beauty and devastation of entanglement.

Once registered, you will be sent a series of written invitations and four audio tracks.


Creator x Writer | Ruby Donohoe

Sound Design | Isha Simpson


This audio journey is a translation of the creative development of the dance-theatre work devised as part of Horizon Festival’s 2021 Homegrown Program. Inspired by the conversations, the rituals discovered, and the energies of our collective and individual searching bodies, this work invites audiences to get to know the spirit behind LUNG WATER in a deeply personal way. LUNG WATER was born in collaboration with Jenni Large, Giema Contini, Eleonora Ginardi, Jorge Serra, Isha Simpson, and Estefania Nurit.


LUNG WATER (Audio Journey)


Part One | Solo Journey Anytime prior to Friday 18 February, 2022

Part Two | Solo Journey Anytime on Friday 18 February, 2022

Part Three | Collective Gathering 6.30pm Sunday 20 February, 2022 (Chambers Island, Bradman Ave.)

Part Four | Solo Journey Anytime after the Collective Gathering (Sunday 20 February, 6.30pm)



Please contact Ruby directly at for more information about access or to discuss access options. Please note that unfortunately the far-side of Chambers Island is not wheelchair accessible. | IG: @rubybridgetdonohoe

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