Local Artist Series // Stefan Dunlop

Who are you and what do you create?
My name is Stefan Dunlop and I make and exhibit paintings both on the Sunshine Coast and in the capital cities. I’ve been a painter since around about 16 years of age, at times via a full-time practice and at others in any spare time that I can find.

What materials and techniques do you use?
I use traditional oil on canvas painting techniques. Recently I have begun to explore the process of collaboration with other artists. This has been challenging but hugely rewarding.

What kind of inspirations go into your work?
My work grapples with the visually Baroque age in which we live, via the historical medium of oil paint. I’ve recently worked through a series of paintings that reference art history towards a new series of work based on a fragmentation of space, form, imagery and colour.

In what space do you like to create most?
I do nearly all of my work in my studio shed, located at Belli Park in the Noosa hinterland. It’s very basic, essentially a tin shed, but it suits my needs. Its isolated and allows me to escape into the creative zone.

What has been your favourite or most important work to date?
You always tend to favour a more recent work, so currently I would say it is the paint, The Peasant Wedding. I like it because it brings together a number of concepts that I’ve been bouncing about in my head for the last couple of years. It was recently selected for the Paddington art Prize.

To see more of Stefan’s work, head to his website or Instagram.