Local Artist Series // Jandamarra Cadd

Who are you and what do you create?
I’m Jandamarra, a First Nation artist that creates visual narratives that speak about walking together proper way. New and Traditional custodians living, learning from and coming together as One people One heart One mob. 

Image by Kita Lawrence

What materials and techniques do you use?
I paint predominantly in both Acrylic and Oils and move through a variety of different styles.. From Hyperrealism through to multi coloured portraits and ones created entirely of traditional style dots.. 

What kind of inspirations go into your work?
A lot of my inspiration is derived via the muti faceted expression of the human spirit.. I am very passionately drawn to the stories that reflect the triumph, the innocence, the unbridled expression of the human spirit. Especially when it comes to  the liberation or emancipation of the human spirit from circumstances that normally serve to oppress or drain the life from it.. 

In what space do you like to create most?
I like to create most of my works in a studio space. With headphones on and absolutely no distractions around so I can completely surrender and loose myself. At one with the process.. 

What has been your favourite or most important work to date?
My favourite piece of my collection to date is a painting titled ‘Seasons’ and it shows within a multi coloured portrait a son sitting on his fathers shoulders. It represents a natural sacred reverence for  for the sustainable cycle of life. As that same boy that is carried now, will be one day carrying his father. Honouring the seasons and cycles of life the we all go through and are part of.. 

My most important work I feel is possibly one titled ‘Walking Together’ and it is a First Nation bout holding and guiding the hand of a non First Nations boy. Representing walking together proper way.. As there is a learning or what has been here on this land for over 2000 generations.. And the culture that sustained it.

To see more of Jandamarra’s work, head to his website or Instagram. Jandamarra is also currently in-residence at Creative Spaces’ Old Courthouse Lock-up in Maroochydore. All through March, you can head to the Old Courthouse Lock-up, meet Jandamarra and see his work ’33 Years Later.’ Follow his Instagram for more updates.