Local Artist Series // Andrea Kirwin

Who are you and what do you create?

My name is Andrea Kirwin and I create original music and teach music from my shop in Nambour, Peace Run Records. I’m a singer/songwriter/producer with a passion for mentoring.

What materials and techniques do you use?
I write on guitar, piano, ukulele, cigar box guitar and perform solo or with my band (up to a 13 piece big band). I use techniques such as Positivity, encouragement and kindness and I have a 7 month old border collie that comes everywhere with me and helps me teach at my studio too. I used to work as an assistance dog trainer so my dog Teddy helps reduce anxiety in my classes. 

What kind of inspirations go into your work?
Big inspirations come from live performances I have seen in the past at music festivals and also intimate shows. It’s that feeling of connection and authenticity that I’m looking to foster and create. It’s the foundation of my music and all that I do. 

In what space do you like to create most?
In my studio Peace Run Records on Queen st, Nambour. With a coffee and cake from husk and honey Cafe!

What has been your favourite or most important work to date?
My new album  BLOOM is the best work I have produced so far. I am launching it on 1 May at Sunshine Sounds Festival in Eumundi with my big band on cd, vinyl and digital download. It features my big band ‘The Yama-nui social club which is a talented collective of musicians based around the recording studio, Yama-Nui in Kiels Mountain on the Sunshine Coast. 

To see more of Andrea’s work, head across to her Instagram