homegrown: for the people

Introducing our 2022 Homegrown artists

Late last year, in partnership with The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), we called-out to local artists on the Sunshine Coast.

We were seeking projects that fostered a sense of connection and belonging for Sunshine Coast residents, which had a positive impact on the community.

We would like to thank all the amazing artists that applied this year — we were blown away by the projects.

Artists and their projects

Below are the three artists / projects that will feature at this year’s festival.


Kerbside Collective

Eddie Ray — Silence of the Jams is an independent film with an entirely original soundtrack. Award winning artist Eddie Ray has created a comic film exploring a visual manifestation of the artist’s journey when all is lost.

In a dystopian future where the world falls into silence, and all live music has stopped, robots (aka smartphones) now rule the world. Having only ever used his trusty old Nokia, Eddie Ray missed the memo.

With a motorbike as his trusty steed in the wild west of the Sunshine Coast — and haunted by the songs in his head — he must journey to find the weapon that can beat the machines… music.


Dr Hope O’Chin (Aunty Hope) director Hope Dreaming Indigenous Corporation

Guyu and friend Mr Pelican, by Kabi-Kabi, Wakka-Wakka, Koa, Gugu-Yalanji elder Dr Hope O’ Chin, is a children’s book that tells a Dreamtime story of a boy called Guyu and his friend, Mr Pelican. 

As part of Horizon Festival 2022, students will join Aunty Hope for a reading and workshop activity under the trees at Cotton Tree followed by a participatory workshop, exploring Kabi-Kabi language. For those unable to attend, copies of the book and a digital recording will be available during the festival.


Courtney Scheu and Itamar Freed

The premier of new contemporary dance work Sand, presents the interdisciplinary collaboration of local choreographer and dance artist Courtney Scheu, international visual artist Itamar Freed and collaborators.

Sand is a study of the relationship between body and landscape and the impact they have on one another.

This work exists between reality and a dream-like state, skirting the edges of surrealism and consciousness as a doorway to discover more about our relationship to landscape.

horizon festival will return, in person, from 26 august – 4 september 2022.

Stay tuned — our full program is dropping next month.

See you on the Horizon, soon.



Photoshoot by Olivia Williams

Eddie Ray — Silence of the Jams by Ketakii Jewson-Brown

Guyu and my friend Mr Pelican by Aunty Hope

Sand by Itamar Freed