in conversation with Courtney Scheu and itamar freed

we caught up with the duo behind Sand — which will be premiered at this year’s festival.

Hey guys, tell us a bit about yourself.

Itamar and I are artists who work internationally and are based on the Sunshine Coast. We collaborate and create interdisciplinary works. We have lived and worked in London and Tel Aviv. We love orchids, camping, slow cooking, the beach and the art community on the Sunshine Coast.

What is SAND about?

Our work is about the relationship between the body and landscape with an element of surrealism.

What brought on the idea and what made you think it was a good fit for Homegrown?

Our practice is closely connected to and inspired by nature and the environment. Kabi Kabi Country is incredibly beautiful and strong Country. We feel so privileged to live here. We want to celebrate and respect place, together with our audience.

What can people expect from the show?

Three dancers move over a shifting landscape. SAND invites you into another world. To imagine, to wonder and to reflect. There will be a lot of sand.

The theme of Homegrown in 2022 is ‘for the people’ — how does your work foster a sense of connection and belonging within our community?

SAND asks the community to consider their connection to, and impact on, the landscape. Together we can continue to make positive change to protect and care for our environment. Let’s slow down, see around us, and learn from each other and nature.

What are you looking forward to the most about the festival?

This is a hard question! There is so much to see. We LOVE seeing new work and can’t wait to see the works by the other Homegrown artists! We are also really looking forward to experiencing Kellie O’Dempsy’s work, What did you say?

What’s next for you both?

Itamar is preparing for a new exhibition opening in collaboration with London based artist Kristina Chan, so we are heading overseas for the show and a few other exciting projects.

Courtney is beginning a new dance project here on the Sunshine Coast/Kabi Kabi Country with dancer choreographer Kate Harman who is also a founding artist of The Farm (Gold Coast). 

Check out more of Courtney’s work here and Itamar’s here.

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