Horizon Festival - Online for 2020 // 28 Aug - 6 Sep 2020

The Bunker // Meet Sabrina Benaim

The Bunker Spoken Word Series returns in 2020 bigger and better than ever, with an online Spoken Word competition and international guest performers beamed in from across the globe. With competition heats held through Zoom in June and July, we’re taking this opportunity to bring you the best international spoken word talent, featuring Sabrina Benaim from Toronto, Canada for Heat One. Get to know Sabrina below:


Can you take us through the first time you performed your poetry on stage? Where were you? Who was there? How did you feel about it?
What I remember most about the first time was that I went to a Toronto Poetry Slam alone & got onstage & read a poem about the tumour I had at the time. I was the sacrificial poet, because so many people had signed up they had to do a draw, and I remember being as excited as I was afraid. Everyone was so lovely to me afterward, there's no way I would have done it again had that not been the case. 


What is the number one piece of writing you think everyone needs to read?
Oh, I can never pick one, so here are three books of poetry I keep out at all times :

  1. Kingdom Animalia - Aracelis Girmay
  2. The Crown Ain't Worth Much - Hanif Abdurraquib 
  3. Citizen Illegal - José Olivarez


Do you have any pre-performance rituals?
I almost always do a little dance to shake out my nerves. Sometimes I ask Beyoncé for her guidance. Often I make a setlist just to give my hands something to do, I never follow it.


What inspires your writing? 
Everything! But specifically, right now: flowers, feelings, & favourite memories.


Who is your role model, and why?
I think there are parts of many people that I try to mirror back but there is not really one single person who is my role model. Truly, I believe everyone I know & love is a role model of some kind to me. 


If you weren't a poet you would be…?
A kindergarten teacher! 


Don't miss Sabrina perform live on Thu 18 June, 7pm via Zoom. Register now.