Horizon Festival - Online for 2020 // 28 Aug - 6 Sep 2020

Meet Wayne Mcfetridge

Who are you and what do you create?
MANxMACHINE is a space for me (Wayne Mcfetridge) to create pieces and experiences that are a collaboration between man and machine(s). 


What materials and techniques do you use?
The core of my practice is code and how that interacts with machines. I don’t draw or paint but I understand and can control the nuances of my code as much as others control a brush or a pen yet leave room for serendipitous occurrences from time to time. The code base I use has been expanded and iterated over the last 10+ years. Built up from my own thoughts and efforts, reappropriated ideas and the sharing that is central to all open source software. I don’t have particular images in my mind when I start a project, I follow certain processes, code the building blocks and let them run their course. Many artists use machines of some shape or form to facilitate their vision but I approach machines with a more collaborative mindset. Not just tools of the trade but entities that have their own inputs and nuances.Drawing machines, laptops, web servers, algorithms, laser cutters etc all affect the work in ways that I couldn't predict and I actively make space for this in my approach.


What kind of inspirations go into your work?
I am often inspired by a machine,  technique or even some mathematical formulas and then a desire to create something with those tools. 

PARAMETRIC came from helping my step daughter with her high school maths homework and remembering how much I liked maths at school.

The bones of the piece were in place and then I worked to build a framework around that that was hopefully of artistic worth.


In what space do you like to create most?
The coding part of the work can happen anywhere and my trusty Macbook has a lot of code ready to go. Tried and tested  algorithms, broken or half finished experiments, open source code ideas that will be useful at some point.

I tend to work in bursts to hone a new technique and then once locked turn to machines for production. Sometimes that is in my studio and sometimes this is an external party - There is a lot of machines I aim to acquire myself at some point.

PARAMETRIC is new for me as it has (at this stage) no physical output although the cloud data will likely be turned into a physical exhibition at some time after COVID 


What has been your favourite or most important work to date?
My favourite work was the first thing I ever sold. Romeo and Juliet was a triptych generated by algorithm from the  play itself. Word count, complexity/length of sentences etc were all used to generate an intertwining shape that was laser engraved into three wooden panels.


Wayne is creating Parametric as part of Homegrown; an interactive digital artwork that investigates our individual and collective emotional state in a post isolated world to create unique pieces of art. The project is live from Thur 16 July, find out more here.