Horizon's Guide to Anywhere Theatre Festival 2019

Anywhere Theatre Festival is returning to the Sunshine Coast from 9 - 26 May for another year of incredible events and performances to experience. Staged anywhere but a theatre, you can expect to see comedy, circus, dance, theatre, music, magic and poetry happening in all the nooks and crannies of the region - backyards, businesses, cafes, book stores, art galleries and more.

To celebrate this unique arts festival, we have hand-picked a selection of our favourite events from the bumper 96 show program!



1. Parenting Fails

Do you need time out from your children? Wish it was your turn for a nap? Do you want to spit the dummy and fling yourself on the floor screaming in Coles? We hear you! Being a parent is hard work and kids can be the worst. Unlike the curated lives of the mums and dads on Instagram, Parenting Fails is a show to make you actually feel better about yourself. Hear stories told by hilarious, exhausted parents who could really use a lie down. Join the Sunny Coast’s funniest comedians for an afternoon (if that fits better with nap times) or evening of stand up comedy.  Put on your stretchy pants and join us again in the Comedy Lounge as we whine (and wine) about our delightfully devilish spawn. You are guaranteed to leave feeling sure you should be nominated for Parent of the Year.

Details: 10 & 11 May | Weyba Downs


2. Man About The Buderim House

Straight from a sell out season at the Sydney Opera House, Tim Ross and Kit Warhurst are thrilled to perform their hit show at the Buderim Tree House by Bark Architects. For the last six years they have taken temporary possession of architecturally significant buildings and skillfully blended comedy, storytelling, music and design in a mold breaking format that has seen them literally sell out houses across the globe. Following rave reviews for the recent film series, Streets of Your Town, Tim and Kit welcome you to the beautiful Buderim Tree House by Bark Architects.

Details: 25 May | Buderim


3. Luminosity - The Story of Us

A celebration of theatre and dance as seen through the eyes of the Sunshine Troupe Inc. A performance Troupe with a difference, the actors have created a powerful, moving piece of theatre, sharing their unique stories as people living with disability. Bringing their passion for performance and sharing their experiences, they celebrate 10 years of their work and will delight audiences of all ages, lighting up the multi level spaces in C-Square Nambour. Enjoy a drink at the Bison Bar, perhaps an early (or late) dinner at one of the locals and maybe grab a movie at the Majestic after the performance! It will be a night to remember.

Details: 9 May | Nambour


4. Buy Some Time

Always busy? If only you had time to just stop and breathe. Buy Some Time; the washing still won’t be done but this solo, app guided experience will provide an opportunity to reconnect with your surroundings and discover the beauty in the everyday. Meet at the starting point, get set up with the app and headphones and buy some time. Look closer, listen and reconnect as you explore the urban landscape.

Details: 10 - 26 May | Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens


5. In Flight Entertainment

In Flight Entertainment is a high altitude musical cabaret taking you behind the scenes into the turbulent lives of an aviation crew. Taking place in an aircraft hangar at Caloundra Air Museum, rowdy passengers, the mile high club and in flight air marshals will have you laughing all evening. Purchase your ticket and your boarding pass will entitle you to a complimentary champagne. This is one flight you won’t want to miss! First class ticket holders will receive front row seating and special treatment!

Details: 16 - 18 May | Caloundra


6. Storyplace

The story of the Noosa Everglades shared by elders, poets, musicians and other community keepers of knowledge. Join Red Chair on a day long chartered cruise experience along the pristine waters of the Noosa Everglades – rich in history and a storyplace of our environment and community. Or take a Self-guided 4WD tour and join the group at Harry’s Hut for a storytelling performance and lunch. Traditional custodians have a deep connection to the everglades with stories of camps, corroborees and rescues that will be shared through spoken word, music and dance. Local artists and musicians will also join the group for a storytelling performance and lunch at Harry’s Hut.

Details: 18 May | Noosa



1. High School Never Ends: A Double Bill

High School Never Ends is a double bill of brand new plays by award winning playwright, Tremayne Gordon.


It’s 2012, and it’s the end of the world as Addy and Drew know it – they’re graduating high school. They’ve made big plans together for after graduation, but as adulthood creeps closer, cracks begin to appear in their friendship. Will they decide on their future – together or apart – before it’s too late? High Hopes is a short play about the daunting transition from ‘Teenager’ to ‘Adult,’ and the relationships that help us through it.


Andy’s never met anyone like his new friend – she eats cereal out of a lunchbox, lives in a blue caravan, and has an obsession with the history of Denmark. She intrigues him. And she’s beginning to help him see the world through a different lens. Book Return is a short play about the people who come in and out of our lives, and the imprint they leave on us.

Details: 24 - 26 May | Maroochydore


2. An Adventure at Grannies

Laugh out loud and boo at the baddies as your favourite books come to life with narrator and orchestral instruments. Enjoy a lighthearted, rip-roaring musical dramatization of Little Red Riding Hood, Old Macdonald Had An Orchestra, The Bear Went Under The Mountain and The Three Little Pigs performed by Queensland’s finest chamber musicians. Entertain your children or grandchildren with this special kiddie concert and introduce the wonders of classical music to young children. Grown-ups too will enjoy the humorous antics complete with wolf in Grannie night-cap and a musical chase through the forest! Perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day with a special granny or mummy.

Details: 12 May | Tanawha 


3. Fairy Bread Provided

Are you missing the pants-wetting excitement of the birthdays you had as a kid? Are you missing the thrill of a sugar-filled birthday hullabaloo? You are invited to Ryan’s Big Birthday blowout. None of his friends or family have remembered so you have been invited to celebrate with him instead. Fairy Bread Provided is an all age’s immersive theatre experience where audiences are guests at a birthday party. Audiences go on a journey of several birthdays spread across time. Exploring the highs and lows that we get as children and adults when it comes to getting another year older and the ways we celebrate. The audience will be invited to play party games, share their own stories, and eat as much fairy bread as they like. Fun for the whole family.

Details: 18 May | Tanawha


4. Peter Pan at The Strand

Imagine the tale of Peter Pan re-told, and set in 2019… In a very different world and a very different time, Wendy Darling is visited by a surprising young man looking for his shadow. He promises adventure and connection to a beguiling place. Flying at the opportunity to travel and meet wonderous creatures, Wendy Darling’s journey is a literal one for audiences as they move from place to place in Caloundra’s iconic Strand Building. In this new telling of the classic story of the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up, Peter Pan at the Strand will take you to meet beloved characters in Neverland as they battle between old friends and new enemies.

Details: 9 - 11, 23 - 25 May | Caloundra


We hope you enjoy our curated selection of events, for the full program head to www.anywhere.is 



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