Horizon Festival 2021 | 27 AUG - 5 SEP // 28 Aug - 6 Sep 2020

Listening in the Wild


Listening in the Wild

Listening in the Wild is a series of immersive soundscapes exploring environments across the Sunshine Coast that will be produced live and streamed for listeners to engage with at home.  These experiences are created by artists Lyndon Davis and Leah Barclay as transient listening experiences interwoven with Kabi Kabi stories.

Listening in the Wild comprises three separate experiences, streamed live online and also available post event for audiences to access anywhere at any time. The locations include virtual sound walks through Eudlo Creek National Park, a journey along the Maroochy River and an ocean expedition from Mooloolaba Beach.

Each soundscape will be accompanied by a site-specific image captured by Sunshine Coast based documentary photographer Tricia King.

Sun 12 Jul, 4pm: Maroochy River (Freshwater)

Sun 19 Jul, 4pm: Eudlo Creek National Park (Rainforest)

Sun 26 Jul, 4pm: Mooloolaba (Ocean)


The live streams will be shared to Horizon Festival’s social media channels – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - at the times listed above.

The recorded livestreams will be available on this webpage 24 hours after the performance.

Whether tuning in live or afterwards, this is a deep listening experience with binaural 3D soundscapes that are best experienced with headphones. We encourage you to close your eyes, put your headphones on and lie down somewhere quiet to listen.


Leah Barclay
Leah Barclay is a sound artist, designer and researcher who works at the intersection of art, science and technology. Leah's research and creative work over the last decade has investigated innovative approaches to recording and disseminating the soundscapes of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems to inform conservation, scientific research and public engagement. Her work explores ways we can use creativity, new technologies and emerging science to reconnect communities to the environment and inspire climate action. Leah has been the recipient of numerous awards and her augmented reality sound installations have been presented across the world from Times Square in New York City to the Eiffel Tower in Paris for COP21. Leah is currently a Lecturer in Design at the University of the Sunshine Coast where she is leading multiple research projects and the development of a new sound program.

Lyndon Davis
Lyndon Davis is a direct descendant of the local Kabi Kabi people, traditional custodians of the Sunshine Coast region. In 1995, Lyndon founded the Gubbi Gubbi Dance troupe, bringing together a group of young Indigenous artists from the Sunshine Coast, presenting local Traditional Aboriginal Song and Dance. The dance troupe are now one of the most in demand Aboriginal performance groups in Queensland and are regular performers at major events. In addition to his performance work, Lyndon is an active visual artist, painting the stories of his homelands and the connection between people, the land, the animals and spirituality. Over the past years, he has worked with anthropologist Dr Ray Kerkove researching the local traditional designs of South East Queensland and incorporating a contemporary form into his artwork, acknowledging the Aboriginal art styles from this region. In 2010, he was awarded an Honorary Senior Fellowship from the University of the Sunshine Coast and is an active member of several research projects with the School of Creative Industries.

Tricia King
Tricia King is a Lecturer in Photography in the School of Creative Industries at USC and an active documentary photographer. Her research focuses on photography, its role in personal and cultural memory, and the construction of identity. Utilising techniques like photo-elicitation, documentary and collaborative photography, Tricia develops collaborative participant-driven projects working predominantly with people experiencing social isolation. Most recently she has worked with older people living in aged care to explore their lived experience and help develop programs to assist with greater socialisation. She is working to expand this project to include other communities and will work with participants on further co-curated exhibition projects.

Maroochy River