Hey-Lowe Festival

Hey-Lowe Festival

Hey hey hey come on down to The Hey-Lowe Festival.

The official opening of Horizon Underground will bring Town Square alive with food, fun, funky tunes and festivities. What better way to fill your Saturday night than grabbing a delicious bite to eat while you get down with our very own local celebrities. 

The Hey-Lowe Festival is a free event held on Saturday 26th August from 4:30pm - 9pm.

The GMU Dancers will perform and festival attendees will be able to join in on a Corroboree Workshop and dance.

Create a community heartbeat with Steve Langton’s interactive sound playground, the Loud Weird Load. Stick around and get down with our very own local celebrities, The Outsiders, as they rock out to their own original music.

Groove along with our crooners, The Doo Wop Dolls, and get totally blown away by The Chris Flaskas Trio. 

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