Horizon Festival – 10 arts-fuelled days // 28 Aug - 6 Sep 2020

Dangerous Song - Blue

Dangerous Song - Blue

Dangerous Song is a 4 year long collaboration between musician Linsey Pollak and vocalist Lizzie O’Keefe. It combines the human voice with the sounds of endangered animals to create an intriguing and moving musical performance, and ultimately a new musical language.

Their piece, ‘Blue’ connects our hearts with the planet’s heart through the exquisite combination of endangered animal calls with the human voice and stunning underwater cinematography by David Hannan.

Pollak plays a digital wind instrument, controlling sounds of endangered and extinct species using live-looping technology to instantaneously record layers of music. O’Keefe joins him, weaving her voice in and out of the musical landscape of animal sounds in a series of original “songs”. This collaboration takes us to a world of sound where the human and the animal combine.

Accompanied by an extraordinary one hour film, Dangerous Song will transport you into another dimension and evoke a strong emotional response. 

Images: Steve Swayne (underwater cinematography by David Hannan). 

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