Bringing Booty Back

Bringing Booty Back

Bringing Booty Back: Celebrating the female form in a magnificent evening of visual arts, music, fashion, burlesque, aerial acrobatics and more, in an adults-only cabaret, delivering up some of the Sunshine Coast’s elite female performers and artists.

The day consists of multiple workshops and performances.

Events Include:

Evening 18+ Gala Cabaret Event: 2 Sat 7:00pm - 10:00pm - General Admission $64 

This adult-only gala cabaret event will present some of the Sunshine Coast’s premium female performers and artists. The female form will be celebrated by many facets of the arts… live music, fashion parades, aerial acrobatics, visual arts, body painting, burlesque, photography, and life drawing.

“Bringing Booty Back - Celebrating The Female Form” will have the audience members and participants “loving the skin they’re in”. Theme is Burlesque Boudoir. Please dress to suit, if you wish. It's time to celebrate our fabulous curves!

Performers and Artists include:
* MC Sheridan Stewart (ABC SUNSHINE COAST 90.3FM)
* The Kitty Kats
* Muses Trio - performance and optional music workshop
* Absolute Aerials - performance and optional burlesque dance workshop
* Litta Maree (L'art de Cirque) - performance and optional burlesque dance workshop
* Body Art By Fran - live body paint and optional glamour face masks
* Vintage Calendar Girls - Fashion Parade
* Siren Clothing - Fashion Parade
* Opera Swimwear and Sunflair Swimwear - Fashion Parade
* Tricia Bradford - artwork
* Juliana De Witts - artwork
* Rich Events Photography - official event photographer and optional boudoir photo shoot
* Coastfilm - official event videographer


2 Hour Music Mentoring Workshop: 2 Sat 2:30pm - 4:30pm - General Admission $49, Student $22, AUSTA or MTAQ member $38 

Come and workshop with Muses Trio on creative process, finding your path, and explore strategies in marketing and self-management for independent musicians. Covering everything from performance, production, presentation, touring, gigs, independent recording, publicity, distribution, releasing your music and much more. This workshop is designed to target creative musicians of all levels, whether they are just starting up or are at a professional career level.
The workshop runs for 2 hours and includes a facilitator and speakers from Muses Trio - All speakers and facilitators have a wealth of music industry knowledge.


30 Minute Burlesque Workshop: 2 Sat 5:00pm - 5:30pm - General Admission $22 Includes feather boa

Burlesque Dance Workshop with Kayleigh and Litta Maree! It's time to celebrate your fabulous female form! This dynamic pair will have you shaking your hips and feeling sexy in no time! Kayleigh owns Absolute Aerials and performs professionally in a number of disciplines. She was the creative director of 'Aerial Burlesque' 2015 and specialises in aerial acts. She has a background in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance as well as circus arts, pole dancing and flying trapeze.
Christie is L'art De Cirque’s principal performer, she is a qualified Circus Performer and Trainer. Obtaining a Bachelor of Circus Arts from National Institute of Circus Arts where she trained with some of Russia and China's best circus trainers. She specialises in Tight Wire, Contortion Hula Hoop, Burlesque, Chair Contortion and Adagio. Litta is a resident performer at Big Bang Burlesque and has performed in multiple Circus Productions, fascinating audiences with her charm and skill.


Glamour Face Masks - Face Painting: 2 Sat 4:30pm - 6:30pm - General Admission $22

Face paintings by award winning Fran Catford of "Body Art By Fran". Duration: approx 10 - 15mins per person.


Boudoir Photo Shoot: 2 Sat 5:30pm - 7:00pm - General Admission $22

Professional Boudoir Photo Shoot by Rich Events Photography. Includes refresh by professional make-up artist. Theme is Burlesque Boudoir. Dress to suit, if you wish. It's time to celebrate your fabulous female form!

Note: This is a special price for Horizon Festival, usually costs $299 per person.

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