Black Parlour - Wounded in all the right places

Black Parlour - Wounded in all the right places

Wounded in all the Right Places is a bitter sweet pathos, where drama, music, comedy and song all collide to examine that uniquely human of predicaments - relationships.

It is all humanity - warts 'n all. It will tickle you, slap you, scream at you, whisper to you and then cuddle you afterwards. 

Simon Denver’s Kabaret's were once described as a roller coaster ride of emotions. They vacillate between the thrill and the fear. Humanity is a unique predicament with its futilities, failings, hopes and aspirations all battling it out 24/7 to see which is the more dominant. This show reflects that. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and sometimes perilously close to the white knuckle ride through relationships we all navigate.

A performance is really the sum of all of its parts. This is no exception as it is the sum of a plethora of gems from some of the finest performers on the Sunshine Coast. These include skilled musicians - Darren Heskes, James Allen, Murray Wall and Nat Ritchie, Rachel Fentiman, Michelle Lamarqa, Mary Egglestone and Simon Denver. 

General Admission tickets $25. Concession tickets $20. Both will be available for purchase at the door of the event. 

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