MARINA GUO - Founder & President, Huashan Multiversity

Speaker at REMIX Academy Creative Places: Nurturing Creative Communities - 1 Sep 2017 


Marina Guo's CV is seemingly endless but she is the Head of Arts Management & Director of International Programs at School of Creative Studies, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Vice Director of John Howkins Research Centre on Creative Economy. She also sits on the Board of Director, American Institute of Performing Arts and is a member of the China Arts Administration Education Association. She was visiting scholar at Queensland University of Technology and the author of Creative Transformation which explored the potential of the creative economy in China.

China recognises the value of the creative economy and is investing heavily in creative places and infrastructure with the aim of becoming a world leader in the cultural and creative industries. Growth of the creative industries is further accelerating thanks to 11% year on year growth in support as part of a five-year development plan to 2020. What can we learn from the China's approach? This is a unique opportunity to hear from one of the leading creative entrepreneurs and thinkers on the Creative Industries in China. 

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