LORI MARTIN - Senior Cultural Affairs Officer, City of Toronto

Speaker at REMIX Academy Creative Places: Nurturing Creative Communities - 1 Sep 2017 


Lori is the senior cultural affairs officer at the City of Toronto and charged with helping sustain and grow the cities cultural and creative industries and she will share insights on why Toronto has been so successful at developing itself as a creative location as well as what is coming around the corner.

Canada has the largest share of creative economy employment in the world totalling 13% of all employment (Nesta). Why is Canada so creative? Toronto is the powerhouse of Canada's creative and cultural industries. The most visited city in Canada with over 25 million visits, it also consistently ranks near the top of the worlds most liveable cities in various surveys and is even home to creative cities guru Richard Florida. Toronto is also the third-largest screen-based production centre in North America valued at over $1 billion and the Toronto International Film Festival is the worlds largest public film festival. Forbes magazine described Toronto as a "Videogame Sanctuary” reflecting its huge role in Canada's games industry which has grown to the 3rd largest in the world in employment terms.

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