Horizon Festival | Sunshine Coast // 27 Aug - 5 Sep 2021

Caitlin Franzmann

Caitlin Franzmann explores contemporary art’s potential to instigate change by way of critical listening, dialogue and self-empowerment. In reaction to the fast pace and sensory overstimulation of contemporary urban life, she creates situations to encourage slowness, mindful contemplation, and social interaction in both galleries and public spaces. These situations include conversation-based works and immersive sonic spaces such as wearable listening sculptures, architectural interventions and audiowalks. 

She originally trained as an urban planner before completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at Queensland College of Art in 2012. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including at National Gallery of Victoria, Institute of Modern Art and Kyoto Art Centre. Caitlin has participated in residencies in Indonesia, Turkey, Japan, Chile and, locally, with Brisbane City Council’s Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre. She was recipient of the 2014 Churchie National Emerging Art Prize and was selected to exhibit in Primavera 2014: Young Australian Artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art. 

As a member of the feminist art collective LEVEL from 2013-2017, Caitlin has collaboratively presented participatory works at Gallery of Modern Art, Museum of Contemporary Art and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. With LEVEL, she has also co-curated exhibitions and forums with a focus on generating dialogue around gender, feminism and contemporary art. She was most recently on the management committee of Outer Space ARI 2018-2019, and is currently a core member of Ensayos, a collective research practice centered on extinction, human geography and coastal health.