Andrea Kirwin

Andrea Kirwin is an Australian-Fijian Artist/Producer based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. With a warm stage presence and ever evolving soulful sound, Andrea has been steadily building a national following across Australia since the release of her first album, 'From the Ground Up' in 2013. 

She writes and arranges her songs by weaving melodies together intricately with purpose and passion much like the way her Fijian grandmother used to weave pandanus mats in the village back in her mother's homeland of Fiji. Her sound is an earthy blend of roots/reggae/funk and soul and her distinctly warm voice waxes and wanes between her more gentler songs and upbeat crowd pleasing tracks.

She has been performing regularly up and down the East Coast of Australia for over 10 years having initially picked up a guitar at age 21 and beginning her songwriting journey.  


Dawn Awakening, Sunday 3 September at Stumers Creek in Coolum. 

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